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Who We Are And What We Do

First Shot was originally created as a magazine made by middle schoolers from Everglades K-8 Center in Miami, Florida. The purpose of the magazine was to pressure U.S. legislators to take action against mass shootings.

Now based in iPREP, we consist of middle and high school students in multiple schools. We are currently in the process of printing and distributing the yearly editions of our magazines to U.S. congressmen. We hope to continue the effort and to have our voices heard.

We try our best to make sense out of nonsense.

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Where we are now

Currently based in iPrep, First Shot is diversifying into the podcasting world and social media. We strive the release yearly magazines on different aspects of gun violence and their respective laws throughout America. 

First Shot 2020 magazine cover

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First Shot: 2020 Edition Magazine

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