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A Single Dot

By Melanie Curtis, iPrep Upper Academy:


A name on a page,

 a number on a graph, 

a single dot on a chart.

How can a human being be reduced to just that?

How can a life that was taken years too soon be just that?

What if one day my legacy is just that?

They had lives, families, emotions.

And yet people still have the notion,

that there is no change to be made.

I will not be a statistic,

a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it,

a victim to the animalistic

whims of an armed man.

Some people are blind

and we must remind

them of the tragedies that have occurred.

We can’t stand idly by

letting families cry

while a difference could be incurred.

We can prevent this pain

we can incite change,

we can make ourselves be heard.

We will protest

and we will contest

change can’t keep getting deferred.

We will not be names on a page,

numbers on a graph,

or single dots on a chart.

Our stories will be heard,

and we will survive.

One second

By Christel Aldana, iPrep Upper Academy


Nothing more, nothing less, and our lives are taken.


One second of rage,

Of violence

One second and they pull the trigger

One second and I’m gone


But one second is not enough to say goodbye

It’s not enough to save the life

That was taken by a bullet


At such a young age, they take my right

Of sleeping at home one more night

Of seeing my family smile bright 

As they see my face once more


But one second is not enough to make a change

Not enough to rearrange

All the laws that allow them to walk around with the weapon


It’s not enough time to undo what they did on the rifle range

To prepare for ending the lives of many


Will you choose to fear that impending second

Or will you act out of courage to change the world,

To give us more than a second?

How Many More Need to Go? 

By Maria Luiza Cunha, iPrep Upper Academy


To ban or not to ban 

Is it really a question? 

Every bullet casing left on those crime scenes are a testament 

A testament to what shouldn't have been 

A testament to what should have been done 

They symbolize a senseless world, an unjust world 

One where a lone gunman can fire into a crowd and end innocent lives 

One where a lousy excuse such as “he was having a bad day” is accepted 

Accepted not by the families of the victims but by communities who had not been harmed by his actions 

Every minute that passes in which bills are not passed is a life lost 

A life lost to senseless actions performed by someone who had no real motive 

A life lost to chaos and hate 


Why do we still ask if a ban is needed when such evidence is presented to us on a silver platter? 

Why do we still ask if a ban is needed when so many have lost their lives to hate? 


How many more need to go  

For the people in power to know  

That guns are the true foe? 


Oh to be the person on the receiving end 

Oh to be the one who must suffer for nothing 

For no change to occur in our systems 

For no change to occur to the law 


The pain brought on by those bullets will remain in the hearts and minds of so many 

Too many 

Too many in fact that a ban should have been warranted a long time ago 

Too many in fact that change is just wishful thinking, not something that will come with time 

With time, more lives will be lost but no sign of change 

More graves will be built but change is running late 

More fairy tales will turn bitter but change is taking a day off 

More irreversible actions will be taken but change is stuck in traffic 


How many more need to go? 

You don’t want to be the first to take your last breath

“Our Voices” Summer Poetry Series

By Marina Cookson and Emily Chea


A night on the town

That would bring many frowns

Drinks,  Friends, Dancing, no one ever knew 

The events that were about to ensue


As the night went on

The club became less and less fun, as those we loved were gone. 

A senseless man seeking senseless tears

Killed 49 people, leaving a lasting mark for those to fear.


As devastated families lined outside, 

Love and compassion was hard to find.

“I can hear the shots”,

I think I’m the next one gone

Those around me become silent

How did this night become so violent?


Luis Velma, Shane Tomlinson, Akrya Monet, and many more

Were shot dead with no remorse

Brutally trapped with no end in sight,

This daunting day on June 12th made us want to fight.


A spark that ignited revolution

Together as students, we sought a solution 

to avoid “another senseless death.”

You don’t want to be the first to take your last breath.


By Esteban Sanint 


What were they thinking? 

What are their thoughts? 

Are they sane or insane? 

What are their thoughts as they  

load the clip and lock the bolt? 

As they turn off the safety  

and put it on auto? 

Do they consider tomorrow? 

Or is it just  

a senseless bravado? 


And what about those 

On the wrong side of the barrel? 

There’s not even time 

To see their life flash before their eyes. 

It's not fair,  

It never has been 

No further incentive needed, 

It's time to take action. 


The final component 

Of this sickening trifecta 

Is the lawmakers  

With their stubborn agenda. 

What are their thoughts 

On all this nonsense? 

The government is here to serve its people 

Not stand by as shots are fired. 

The cry for action is quite audible, 

So take out your earplugs  

And start putting barriers  

between insanity and rifles. 


There is only one way through this, 

And it’s together. 

Let's coordinate our thoughts 

To make sense out of nonsense. 

Bystanders, Reapers, and Heroes

By Ethan Simon, iPrep Upper Academy

Any time

Any place

Any where

Any when

The reaper gently takes the lives of those who are about to reach their end.

And yet

There are those who take lives for themselves.

Whether out of prettiness, fear, distaste, or distrust

They think themselves willing to take on the reaper's task.

They don’t see that the reaper’s role, is the reaper’s alone

And thus, end up causing carnage that’s total is unknown.

To prevent want-a-be reapers, Heroes are required.

Heroes who understand the fragility of a life,

Heroes who understand the pains of a potential reaper,

Heroes who are willing to put everything aside, for the greater good.

The heroes that will save uncountable lives, are standing today

For everyone has the potential to be a hero.

Everyone understands the fragility of life, for everyone has experienced life,

Everyone understands the pains of a potential reaper, for everyone experiences pain,

But the difference between a hero and a bystander, is that a hero makes the choice to take a step forward and help,

while a bystander will only wait and watch

A bystander will say “Something needs to be done” and continue on with their day.

A hero will say “I need to do something” and take the necessary step forward.

So, don’t be a bystander who waits and watches

Take the step forward, and do the impossible

Make sure the phrase “never again” ends up meaning something.

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